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Q: Are you a full time or second shift parent that needs afterschool transportation for your young one? Would you like for your child to be active in extracurricular activities, while you are working, but are unable to drive them there?


A: We offer safe and reliable transportation that is flexible to meet your needs (currently not available).


Q: Are you a single parent that needs a weekend away or a night out?


A: We offer flexible schedules that meet these needs.


Q: Are you unsure what to do with your child during the summer? Have previous summer program experiences not met you or your child’s expectations for safe fun?


A: We offer safe, active and creative summer fun that meets the needs of your young person.


Q: Are you a parent that needs childcare during the intermittent school year?


A: We offer childcare on days that your reflect local school calendars. 


Q: Are you interested in healthy living and healthy eating being implemented into your child’s lifestyle?


A: We offer fun and delicious meals for your young person, many of which they have the opportunity to create hands on.

Q: Are you a parent that is interested in tutoring or homework help for your young person?


A: We offer assistance with homework and tutoring with an approach that will increase your child's self-esteem.


Q: Are you a parent that needs help with finding resources related to high school and college selection?


A: We, at First Minds Chicago, offer a comprehensive approach that assists you in the application process relative to your young person enrolling into higher education.





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