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Joi McMillanTuesday, 4/11/17, 8:24 PM


My daughter learns so much and loves going to Ms. Robin. Robin is patient with all the kids and is extremely passionate about her profession. First Minds Chicago is one of the best discussions I've made. I am more than pleased with the service.



Lisa DavisFriday, 11/11/16, 7:30 AM


Mrs. Robin has provided quality, loving and nurturing care for my two boys for the past 2.5 years. She goes above and beyond in her care for them on a daily basis. Mrs. Robin genuinely cares about the overall development of the children she cares for. She has always been respectful towards me as a parent. Mrs. Robin has a high level of expectation for what she believes the children in her care can achieve and she develops a curriculum that mirrors her expectations. We absolutely love Mrs. Robin!!! I know my children's needs are being met in Mrs. Robin's care. If you're looking for patient, loving, nurturing and quality childcare that will have your child/children developmentally and academically ready for their next educational experience, then First Minds Chicago is the place!



J. Childs  Wednesday, 9/9/15, 12:01 PM


As a first time parent, I quickly realized that one of the many challenges you will face is finding quality daycare. Sending my child here to First Minds is definitely one of the best decisions I have made for him. He has grown tremendously since being here. He's not only flourished educationally but socially as well. He looks forward to going to daycare in the morning and I believe that is an important start to his many educational years.



Neah RandleTuesday, 8/4/15, 8:07 PM


My mother is a nice and caring person and all the children enjoy here. I really think a child could easily learn how to fit in here





First Minds Chicago embraces the uniqueness of every family. We provide support and resources throughout the community to promote respect and self love.

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